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Day Three of the Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge

Welcome back! It's day three.

I hope we are all starting to hit our stride now. Today we are going to do some serious collaboration. Today is the day you make a new TPT friend and you make a plan to do something with them.

The best sellers all swear by collaboration, we are so much stronger when we work together. So today choose one (or more) of the ways below and collaborate with someone!

Some collaboration ideas:

  • Go to the feedback forum and offer feedback to someone, take time and care when giving feedback and do it without expecting anything in return (we are making friends remember)

  • Find another seller on Facebook and send them a message offering to give constructive feedback on their page and ask if they would do the same for you

  • Go to the forums and find someone looking for help creating a collaborative product, offer to help if you can

  • Go to the forums and create a post asking people to help you in creating your next product (Spell check, make it accessible to other grades, test it on their class)

  • Create a social media post on your favourite media telling people how great TPT is and why they should try it out

  • Have a look at a new seller's store and leave them some nice comments and constructive feedback that could help them

  • Find a blog you really enjoy and leave a comment telling the author how much you liked their posts

  • Follow some new teachers on Instagram and leave interesting comments on their pictures, search using #teachersofinstagram or #teachersfollowteachers

  • Find your own way to reach out and connect with someone

Let's build some relationships and grow our web presence!

Remember you can blog about your seller challenge successes (or troubles) and link up below.


  1. Thanks for the challenge once again. I wrote a blog post about my own teacherpayteacher adventure. It takes me a while to write so I'm a few days behind.
    If you would like to read it...come on over :)


    1. I hopped over and had a look, fab blog :)


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