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The One Thing a Day - Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge!

Well Hello you lovely reader!

Lots of my lovely TPT friends are now, or very soon will be, on summer holiday (You lucky things!). Over here in the UK we still have 7+ weeks until the last day of the school year.

With all this in mind I thought it was time for us all to take part in a bit of a challenge. So for the month of June I will be offering you all a great big seller challenge, with one things to do each day in the month of June to promote your store and raise your TPT profile.

It is really easy to join in. Just follow me on blog lovin' here  Follow
and then pop back everyday to pick up the new challenge. If you are really feeling involved and excited you can blog about it and join the daily link up or just share the seller challenge logo for that day, on your favourite social media to let everyone know you stepped up that day :)

I have posted a simple record sheet that can be used with this challenge if you wish. :) Big Challenge Record Sheet

You don't have to do every day of the challenge but let's give it a go and see how many you can get done!

Let's get going!


  1. Hello from a fellow ginger across the pond! I love this idea. Looking forward to taking the challenge!

  2. Hi! I love meeting fellow gingers!

    Let's all motivate each other :)

  3. I downloaded the sheet! Can't wait to start.

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  5. I just downloaded the sheet and I look forward to getting started. I just linked up my store button but I was not sure on what to add to your link up. It says to link up your summer challenge. Should I use a summer product or store button on the link up? Thanks so much for getting us all motivated.

    1. The link up is for people to share blog (or other social media) posts on the challenge. But you are welcome to link up products related to it as well :)

      Thanks for joining in


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