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Huge Seller Challenge Week 3

So for this week’s challenge we had to create a new product and I decided to be hard n myself and created a whole unit of work!

I am very happy with it, it is a complete unit on instruction writing. I thought that as I worked like crazy to finish this before the next challenge I would share my planning and creating process with you. 

When I am planning a unit of work I start with 3 big circles down the middle of a page of paper looks a bit like this: (only messier)

I then decide what I want my kids to learn by the end of the unit, I call this my big picture idea. Then I use each circle as a phase in the unit and I think about firstly what I want them to learn for each phase (for example phase one is usually recognise or get familiar with the text types). Then I brain storm lots of ideas for activities and lessons and just scribble them all down into whichever phase/circle they could relate to. My notes get very messy and end up looking a bit crazy like this:

Well they make sense to me and I guess that’s all that matters. Once I have all my ideas down and kinda organised I plan my lessons. I plan each lesson as if I had unlimited resources and time was no object. I do this because I can always scale them down a bit later and I find that once I have the full plan I can always find a way to work around resources I don’t have, (time is another issue).

So there you go my planning process! Here is my seller challenge pic for this week and you can find my complete unit on instruction writing here for TPT and here for TES.
If any wonderful lovely TPT’ers  also taking part in the challenge would like to swap products please comment and let me know.

 Nice to see you all again :)


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    1. Sorry, messed something up.

      Love the planning process. It is easy to forget something when making a unit. Good luck with everything.

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