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The 9 stages of selling online

I have been selling resources online now for nearly a year and it has been exciting, terrifying and very dull in equal measures and sometimes all at the same time! With that in mind here is a light-hearted look at the nine emotional stages of selling our resources online.

Stage one: Interest
  • You find out about online selling from a friend or a post online and your interest is peaked, "ohh, I could do that" you think to yourself.

Stage two: Excitement

  • You do a bit of research and before you know it you have found Deanna Jump! "I'm going to be a millionaire!"
  • You set up your store and wait!

Stage three: Panic

  • Why would I do this? NO one is going to buy my products what do I know?
Stage four: Celebration

  • First sale! People are buying things!
  • First feedback! People love me! I'm fabulous.

Stage five: Optimism

  • My sales are climbing, I could really make something of this
  • There's a sale on! My sales are looking really healthy
  • Working out how much you would need to give up work
Stage six: Reality check (sometimes coupled with summer)

  • Oh, no I'm not giving up work just yet.
  • Where has everyone gone????
Stage seven: Distraction
  • Life gets in the way, busy, busy, busy.
  • Your store takes a bit of a pause

Stage eight: Back on track
  • Why did I leave it so long?
  • Look at all these fantastic ideas I have! I must get working!
Stage nine: The cycle
  • repeating stages seven and eight over and over...


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