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Day Two of the Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge

I hope that yesterday warmed us all up and got the ball rolling. Today is the day we improve descriptions!

Take a look at your store a really good look and make sure all your descriptions are the best they can possibly be.

Do they have links to other products?
Do they look professional and stylish?
Do they tell the customer enough information about your product?
Do you list everything that is included in your download?
Have you included instructions to help buyers follow you (and thus become repeat buyers)?
Have you used bold words to draw the buyers attention to important details?
Have you given the buyer some idea about how to use your product?
Have you included key words?
Does your product have a descriptive title?

If the answer to any of these, on any of your products, is no, then it is time to get going! Sort those descriptions my friend!

There is some wonderful advice on writing descriptions in this free product by Core Inspiration as well as several posts in the forum on key words and what makes a good title. If you are still a little stuck on how to do any of this, please do comment below and I will be happy to help.

So today I am challenging you to pick at least one of your products and improve the description. Come on you can do it!

Comment below or link up if you have written your own blog post about this. Keep at it! See you tomorrow.


  1. This is great! Found out about this from a Facebook Friend! This is going to be fun.

  2. I am curious if you think bold or bulleted text will have an effect on the new search features on TpT.

    1. I don't think they will have any impact on search but the to give your descriptions a professional stylish look. Thanks for joining us :)


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