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Day Four of The Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge - Get on Insta!

Welcome back to day four of the challenge. Today we are going to be working on your Instagram. Now I personally love Instagram, it is so much more fun than Facebook, where people seem to moan a LOT! Instagram seems to be much nicer and more engaging than Facebook. Instagram also gives your customers a chance to see the personal side of you and your business. So if you haven't got an Instagram account go get one right now go, shooo get over there and do it! (but come back here for the challenge!)

So this challenge has 3 parts, the first part is for you to take a picture of something you feel really represents you, as a seller, it might be a very strong cup of coffee, it might be your children because they are your future, it could be your insanely messy desk. What ever it is take a little bit of time and post this picture. You can use the hashtags: #mysellerself #bigsellerchallenge

I cannot wait to see some of your pictures. Please link up the pictures below or leave your Instagram in the comments and I will go check them all out. (I really do have a bit of an Insta-holic problem!)

Ok now the second part of this challenge is to go have a look at your bio on Instagram and make sure it is really easy for customers to get from your account to your TPT store. It is hugely off-putting to see a great Insta post on a product and then not be able to actually find it. So keep that bio updated and working.

And the last part of your challenge: Instagram one of your favourite products. You can post the cover page, a thumb nail or a picture of the product in action, what ever you choose to do make it something you are proud of! Again use the hashtag #bigsellerchallenge and another hashtag related to the product you have posted.

My Instagram is here come join me :)

Link up below with your seller challenge blog post, your products you are promoting or your Instagram posts.


  1. Done and done! Thanks again for the challenge :)
    Instagram count... 68 followers... I can't wait to share my results. Thanks again for leading us through this challenge.

    1. Fab! I do love Instagram it is so much happier than FB. Pleased you are enjoying the challenge


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