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End of May!

My iPod song this morning on the way into work: Everything by Michael Buble, because I changed my ring tones and then I wanted to hear the whole song.

And another month over, just like that it has flown by, and what a busy month it has been. I have been getting on with all sorts of things. It’s been nice to feel like I’m making progress.

My goals for May were:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Step up the harassing of my cousin
  • Put all the clocks on the house to the right time
  • Organise the garage
  • Add ring tones to my phone
  • Sort out my odd socks
  • Make a start on scanning my photos

Hmmm… Actually I wonder how well I actually did…

I have started to be a lot more active and this isn’t really because I am super driven and I stick to my word, it’s actually because the brake pads have gone on my car so I have been walking everywhere, but it still counts. I also went swimming and I have been doing other bits and pieces so I am quite pleased about this I just need to keep it up now (even when my car is fixed) J

Things with my cousin are looking up I have arranged a night out which I have made him promise to book off work and it looks as if he might actually stick to it! So I feel like this is real progress! J

I have a weird thing with clocks; I have a clock in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, one in the living room, a clock in the car and obviously the time on my phone. But they all say different times and because they have for so long I am used to them and mentally adjust them in my head, it’s just not so great for visitors! Anyway I made them all the right time except the clock in the bedroom which I just took the battery out of because for some reason the ticking was starting to bug me at night! J

I didn’t even touch the garage, I truly meant to but it didn’t happen! L

I added ringtones to my phone, all the people I ring the most often got a special tone, my best friend got ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars, the blokie got ‘Everything’ and my little girl got ‘Jessie’ coz that’s her name. There were others but not gonna list them all J

I sorted out the socks!!! I actually sat there on Friday afternoon and sorted out the socks! How proud of me are you?! J

I didn’t even get up the loft to bring the photos down! Big fat fail! L

So, drum roll:

J = 5
L = 2

Yay that looks like a good score!


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