Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just getting by…

I love my job, I really do. Sometimes the kids drive me crazy and sometimes I am exhausted and sometimes it is a Friday toward the end of the year and it is hot and muggy and everyone is worn out. Today is that day. Today I am tired and the children are tired. It is on days like today that I need to remind myself how lucky I am. I get to work in my own space with people that constantly surprise me. I get to plan my whole day to include the things I want. I get to learn new things and try out fun experiments.


I need to remind myself that yesterday I went out into the orchard and built forts. Next week I will be fishing for tadpoles and watching them grow. Last term I played being red riding hood and ran around in the woods looking for clues to catch the big bad wolf.


I get paid for this! Sometimes I just need reminding that I get paid for this! I do have the best job in the world. I can say that now, as I am about to go off for PPA this afternoon and it is Friday!


One of my favourite poems:


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Week 2: Dare to Dream

I realised that for some of my followers the last post might have seemed a bit strange.

I haven’t told you all, I am now selling my teaching resources. I sell them in two places here on Teachers Pay Teachers and here on TES.

I actually joined both these sites a long time ago to find resources I needed. Recently I have started to read around the forums and understand a bit about the sites and now I am selling on them!

It has been fun and I have found it a bit addictive. I love coming up with ideas for products and building on them for my stores.

Anyway, last week was the start of a four-week seller challenge. This challenge is run by Third in Hollywood and has been fab so far. Last week the challenge was to make over a product, which I did and you can read about it in my last blog post here.

Right, so with the explanation out of the way on with this week’s challenge.

Dare to Dream

The challenge this week was to write about our goals for our stores. Now I actually struggled a little with this. I do have goals and I do have plans, but not really in relation to selling my resources. So this took quite a bit of thinking about. Eventually I decided on my big goals for my store but compared to some other people’s they aren’t that big or interesting, but they are still my goals and I have a plan to get to them and I will work hard for them and I think that’s all that matters!



That’s it really. I think I might be a bit too happy with my life is this is all I can come up with!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

TPT Huge Seller Challenge - Week 1

So I have signed up to the huge seller challenge over at This week the challenge was to make over a product that needs a bit more life.

Sooooooo I have given my English unit of work on recount writing a bit of a make over. (here: Whole unit on sale!) This is a whole unit of work on recount texts. Exploring them, analysing them and writing them.

I am still learning about the best covers to use and playing around with fonts but I think I prefer the simple straight forward look.. what do we think?

Whole Unit! On sale!
The product is also on sale until Friday.

Happy challenge everybody taking part!

Whole unit on sale!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Go ahead complain…

I am a big believer in complaining. I like to moan. I think it makes everyone feel better, when things go wrong; moan to a friend, complain to your family and whine to your online connections.


I can moan just as much as the next person and I have no problem with people complaining to me. There is just one rule, which I try very hard to hold myself to, and which I really think other people should abide by….


You are only allowed to moan if you are willing to do something to make it better.


Now I’m not saying everyone can solve all the problems in their lives themselves, but you must be willing to stop making excuses and try.


It is because of this stupid rule I give myself that I ended up, this afternoon, looking like this:


I was getting fat. I was overweight and didn’t like it. I started to complain about it and then my rule kicked in.


Damn! I’ve done enough complaining now I am going to have to try and fix it.  So now, I run and I have for a year and it works I lost weight.


This is me after running in the rain, not for fun, not because I love to run but just because, if I’m going to complain I better get off my bum and do something about it!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Better late than never!

Ok so with a bit of perseverance and with help from my wonderful daughter I now have Instagram, Facebook, pinterest and twitter!

Oooohhh look at me all up to date and techy! Hmmmm.... I think am probably missing a few but they will do for now. I'm not really sure I have enough going on to fill all these sites! Maybe I need to get more interesting!

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Well it's been a while (bit of an understatement!) but since my last little blogging journey I have been having some big changes. The biggest was a change of career. I finished my teacher training and now I teach :)

So to match these changes I thought the blog could do with a bit of a update too so welcome to, drum roll please............. The Happy Teacher!

Yep that's me :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Back to blogging

I have been a very bad blogger the last few months, but I have had very very good reason!

There was a secret mission on my before 30 list. I couldn't put it out in the public because I wanted to retrain to become a teacher! I am now on my way to my new career and it feels great! this was a big huge part of my list and I am so pleased to be making my way towards it!

Apart from the career stuff I have only 3 days left and I need to take a good look at my list and see where I've got done and also the things I didn't even get close to doing!

Sorry its a bit long

I will start a blog and keep it updated (even if I'm the only one to read it!)
Well I kind of did this I haven't been great lately but I did it!

I will learn to drive a manual car again (been driving automatic so long I've forgotten how)
Nope didn't do this, I just stuck with the manual oh well

I will cook a fancy pants meal for blokie
Yep did this - more than once!

I will finish the current WIP
Well I finished it in first draft so I'm gonna let that count

I will finishing editing my other WIP
Nope only half way through oh dear

I will CLEAN the kitchen bin properly (it really needs it)
Yep although it does need it again now

I will start some form of exercise and get a bit fitter
I've started to be a bit more active, but this actually happened by accident as I am no longer sat at a desk all day!

I will scan my photos onto disks
I did a lot of these not all but a lot and that's good enough for me

I will increase my collection of articles and try and write one at least once a week
Nope with the new job I just have no time!

Finish my degree
I did it, I did it, I did it!

Register with a new dentist
Yep I was brave

Register with new doctor
Did this too

Mow the front garden
Didn't happen although now it's winter its kinda dealing with itself :)

Sort out the junk in the child's bedroom
Done and done! even got around to decorating it for her!

Either make proper contact with or delete my FaceBook friends
I mainly opted for the delete option but at least I trimmed by friend list

Sort out the boxes in the loft
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah like this will EVER happen!

Sort out my personal draws at work
Well yep I did this coz I left lol

Use up my free photo prints I was given when I signed up to online offer thingie
Nope still haven't done this...

Go and see my neighbour (haven't made time for her in a long time...)
Yep spent time with her

Get my shoes heeled
Well kinda I got new ones in the end

Get the zips and seams and things fixed on all those clothes I love but can't wear
Nope they are still waiting to be fixed

Get my tattoo removed
I'm gonna count this as a win it is still there but I am working on it, in films it is gone in a day!

Get AA membership
Did it! Well Asda recovery but same thing!

Replace all the light bulbs in the house
I did this but now it's too bright and I use lamps

Dye my eyelashes - just to see
Didn't get around to this! I'm still on the mascara

Sort out the O/S on the laptop
Yep I'm windows 7 all the way now!

Organise the hall cupboard
Did this too, even decorated the hall at the same time!

Sort out my Direct Debits so they all come out at the same time and I stop thinking I have money when I don't
Didn't do this but that was intentional, I am now earning a lot less and I tend to pay my bills in bits and pieces now

Organise some sensible 'work' clothes
check :)

Plant some flowers
Nope still no green fingers

Sort out ALL my hand bags
Yep I emptied them and even threw some of them away go me!

Clean the wax off my bedroom curtains (instead of just hiding it behind the radiator
No they still hiding

Touch up the paint that has all flaked off the skirting
Yep I went on a bit of a decorating spree at half term

Put all the clocks in the house to the right time
Job done :)

Put up the mirror in the bathroom... I've only had it two years...
I'm counting this as a win as I decided I didn't want to anyway, it now hangs in my mums bathroom

Get the back gate fixed
It's fixed works and everything

Figure out how to use the digital box thingies on all the TVs
nope they are still useless silver boxes under my TV sets

Fix the loose tile in the kitchen
yep no more nails is my friend

Make the garden sane
Ha hahahahahahhahaha One day I will post a picture of my garden, I have actually lost people in there its so over grown

Go to Paris on the EuroStar
Yeah baby! I love Paris!

Get my hair cut
Yep its not too short though nice and healthy

Do something useful with my wedding dress
Does stuck in a box, in my loft count? hmmm fail I think

Take the child ice skating
I haven't actually done this yet but we have booked it for my actual birthday so it's a win!

Have a conversation exchange in Spanish
I did this and it went really well

Go roller disco-ing
I still want to do this but just haven't organised it yet!

Spend some time with my cousin S
Yep did this, will need to see her more but its all good

Spend some time with cousin J
I actually managed to do this too he is a hard one to drag out but once we see him its fun!

Win a pub quiz
I didn't get to do this

Decorate my wheelie bin with nice stickers
Nope this didn't happen

Move the boat engines!
AGGGHHHHHH I did move them but they have started to drift back! Still a win though

Make a YouTube video
Yep, not a great video but still I did it!

Get my eyes tested
Yep and now I wear my glasses (most of the time)

Do a self defence class
I only went to the one and it nearly killed me but at least I went

Remove the wasps nest
Nope but its winter so they not bothering me right now

Organise my birthday...
I did and it was fantastic

Organise the garage
Nope, in fact the garden is so over grown I don't know if it's still down there!

Sort out all my odd socks
I did this, but they are collecting again...

Sort out the radio in the car so I can listen to music I like
it's broken and I can't afford a new one right now so this is a fail

Add ring tones to my phone
I did this and it makes me very happy!

Do something about the bush next to the front door
I hacked it back a bit I'm taking that as a win

Do something about my cat allergy
I did a medical trial and it did help a little I'm not cured but I am better so I count this as a win.

So there you go, I managed to do 41/61 I think this isn't actually a bad score I only have 3 days left of my 20s so I doubt I'll manage the last 20 but there is always next year!

Merry Christmas everyone!