Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Getting started on TPT and TES

I have been playing around with the idea of writing this blog post for quite a while and the basis for it was an email I sent to a friend way back in December. My friend asked me for help starting out selling so I threw together some of the bits I thought would be important to start her off.

Since then a few other people have asked me for my advice and each time I have found the previous emails and tweaked them with any new bits and sent them off. I realised I had a whole blog post sitting mostly already written, so here it is.

If you are considering starting to sell your resources online here are my thoughts and advice, good luck :) This really is just a very quick run through and if you would like to learn more please contact me through this blog or at or sign up for TPT using my link to be mentored.

Dear Friends,

So here is a (very) brief intro to it all, if you are interested I can help you.

I’m assuming you already have an account on TES (if not get one here
If you don’t have a seller’s account on teachers pay teachers (TPT) then please sign up for one with my link I get credit for signing people up J

Once you have an account think about a good name for your shop. Don’t stress about this too much at first you can use your own name or think one up. You can always change it later if you change your mind but it is a hassle to go back and change the name on all your products!
Ok now the first product you upload to TPT has to be free. When I signed up I uploaded a simple (and bit rubbish) worksheet just because it was the freebie and I didn’t want to ‘waste’ something great on a freebie. This is really the wrong way to look at it. Make your first freebie fab because it will drive business. Just this morning I sold 3 sets of activity cards because one of my freebies is a sample of the activities. If you give people free bits which are really, really good they will want to come back and buy the whole package!

So make your freebie product. Something you have used in the classroom is always a good idea because not only do you know it works already but you can also use pictures of it in progress or the finished work. (products with real life pictures really sell well.)

Right so you have made your product now turn it into a PDF and make a cover page. You can look at my cover pages Put yourself on the cover page somewhere, either your name or logo, so people know it’s you they are buying from.
Then in TPT click dashboard – add new product in TES click resources – new product. If you want more detailed advice on uploading to TES I have a video here
 (please don't laugh at my video I am painfully aware I sound like a chipmunk on speed)
They is really how you get started at first. You need to get some products in your store and you need to make sure they are good quality. Once you have done that you can start marketing them. There are loads of ways to market products – pinning parties, link ups, blog hops, forums, email, conferences. The list is endless but you need something to market before you get on with that part. So try to get about 15 to 20 products ready and uploaded and then start marketing. If you do sign up with my link above I send out regular advice to all the people signed up under me and I do linked promotions which really help sales but even if you don’t I’m happy to help. I will go over all of this (making products, cover pages, shop names , logos etc.) with you if you do decide to do it, so don't worry if it all sounds a bit difficult, it's really not.
Just a quick note about other websites – I only use TES and TPT if it were in my best interest I would only use one. At first it seems like a good idea to put your products everywhere but it just dilutes your brand and does not help sales. The only reason I use TES and TPT is because the TES American site is not as popular as I need it to be and the TPT English site isn’t as popular as I need it to be. So I cater for Americans on TPT and English on TES (change spellings and currency etc.) When TES Australia starts up I will be all over that because Australian Curriculum is very like ours so there will be loads of products ready to go!
This forum here is good too I started it and it was a bit slow at first but it is starting to catch on now :)

All this is really a very fast intro to the whole thing and it is quite involved but you get a bit hooked on it and I love making extra cash! Like I said you don't have to use my links but if you do I can mentor you and it doesn't cost you anything.
Also if you are looking for some inspiration google Deanna Jump. She will make you want to get involved in this!
Let me know if you have any questions.

The Ginger Teacher

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wrapping up the school year

It's the end of the school year, time is flying past and we are all working like busy bees to get everything done and finished.

With this time of year making us all a bit loopy (teachers and kids) I thought I would share with you my advice for the end of the year.

Fill the time

It is very easy to stop planning in depth lessons at this time of year. I can see the attraction. Remember that the time still needs to be filled and filled constructively. Use all the pre-made resources available to you on the internet to give your children fun filled days, but make sure they are filled. It is a bored class that makes trouble in the hot last few days of term.

Create mementos

Take time to create memories for yourself and the children. Take photos, make pictures and send the children off for the summer with happy memories and mementos of their time with you. If you are short of ideas Pinterest is a gold mine!

 Prep for next year

Do as much in your last few weeks for next year, as you possibly can. Cut down on your summer work. File new paperwork, prep new displays and change around your classroom as much as you can. Save your summer for relaxing!

Throw things away

End of the year, is the perfect time to clear out. Throw out anything you do not need and will not need in the near future. I know the temptation is to keep everything in case it becomes important. but if it's not on the MTP then you probably will not need it and if you do end up needed it someone else will have kept a copy!  Clear classroom is a calm mind.

Go easy on yourself

Be kind to you. Your children are exhausted, so are you. Take the time to stop whenever you can. Give the children independent work and keep your sanity with as little in depth marking as possible. Everyone is tired don't feel bad about it!

Enjoy these last few weeks and say goodbye to your class in style.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Last Day! - Make a Plan!

So guys we made it! Last day of the challenge.

Today we are going to reflect on how far we have come and make a real solid plan for future goals. Over the last 30 days we have dabbled in all sorts of areas which can improve our businesses so now we will make solid plans and goals and stick to them to keep our stores growing and improving.

If you are still interesting in improving your store further please take a look at my Seller Record Binder. It is designed to help all sellers new and experienced to keep business in track and also to push you that little bit further.

Have a great summer everyone. The linkup will still be open until the end of today, link up your stores and blog posts and don't forget to visit other people's in the link up with you.

It's been fun!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 29 of The Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge - Toot your Horn

Ok guys so close to the end now I hope you are all still here with me!

Today is toot your horn day! This means today you are going to be telling everyone about your store and its achievements.

Do it in the forums, do it in real life, tweet, message and Instagram. Let everyone know how great you are. Don't forget to link up below.

I'm proud of you guys!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Day 28 of the Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge - Invest in Yourself

Only a couple of days left of this challenge! I will miss you all once it is over!

Today I am challenging you to invest in yourself. Your store is a business and the best way to really make your store professional is to see it as one.

The most important way to invest in your business is to become a premium seller. You will make the money back. I was unsure at first but it really is worth it.

Another way to improve your store is to invest in good quality clipart and fonts. There are some very talented people on TPT and their work can lift your products above basic status.

So today I challenge you to invest in your store even if it is only in a small way invest now. Not only does this improve your store it also will help your mind set. Putting money into your business will make you think about it in a more professional way.

Have a great day everyone

Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 27 of the Big Ginger Teacher Challenge - Today Twitter

Hey lovely lot!

Today you are challenged to fix up your Twitter. If you don't have one for your store, today is the day to set one up. If you have one, take a good look at it and see the areas you could improve; are your store details up to date? Are you tweeting regularly? Is it useful and relevant content?

Twitter is one of those platforms where you need to be active and interesting to get followers. No body wants to be sold to all the time and this is particularly true on social media. Your followers need to trust you and find you useful to promote your brand.

Remember to link up below :)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 26 of the Big Ginger Teacher Challenge - Google Alerts

Today's challenge is to do with Google alerts. This is a great way to keep track of your business and make sure that people aren't offering your products for free (which can happen now and then).

If you have a very unique name it is a really good idea to keep an eye on when you are mentioned anywhere on the internet. Find out how to do this here.

If you do not have a name that is unique and will be mentioned a lot (for example if you are called something like fun resources) then you need to think up another 'secret' name for tracking. Think up a good phrase and hide it somewhere in your products. Choose something like 'Don't touch ginger's resources I have an alert' then set up an alert for this phrase.

Keeping track of your business is always a good idea.

We are nearly there people :) Don't forget to link up