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Books that keep me up at night

I love books, I think reading is one of those pleasures that you can’t really explain to people that don’t love it in the same way. I am reading quite a lot less lately and it’s a shame because I love nothing more than curling up with a good book, I will read in the bath, in bed, in the garden, on the train every where I can actually.

My course work is taking precedence over my pleasure reading right now and I am missing it but it will all be worth it soon when I get great marks in my exams (well that’s the plan anyway!) So in celebration of books and reading in general I thought I would share with you a list of books that actually were (to me) un-put-down-able. This isn’t an exhaustive list it’s just the ones I can remember right now.

Some are moving some trashy and some just plain odd but here they are in no particular order (just as they came to me):

Mini shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella
I love all these books but this one was actually one of her best, I have a daughter and I remember the toddler years clearly!

I’m not at all religious and I am really not a fan of Tuesdays with Morrie, but I loved this book. I actually brought it again when a friend lost my copy. This is only a small book and is so good, it’s about how the actions we think are just nothing, actually have a knock on effect for others.

My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
I am a huge Picoult fan and have all her books but this one is very moving. I have to admit it nearly made me cry. I love how controversial she can be. I HATED the film but then I am not one for tear jerker films.

Celebrity bride – Alison Kervin
I have never read anything else by Kervin but I got this book on a swap site someone requested a book I was happy to get rid of and the only one they had to send me in return was this. I loved it, it’s funny and interesting and gripping. Every little girl’s dream.

Still Thinking of You – Adele Parks
Again I am a fan and most of her books are great reads but I love this one. I can’t help rooting for the bad girl a little bit probably because I’m more like her than the heroine but it is a great book and can not recommend it enough.

Mercy – Jodi Picoult
Another of Picoult’s this book looks at mercy killing and is really interesting and moving. I love it and have read it several times. Picoult has a way of making you love her characters even with all their flaws

On Writing – Stephen King
Not only is this a great ‘How-To’ book for writers the autobiography of Stephen King is amazing, the things he has been through in his life and childhood and the insight into his marriage is gripping stuff. I am not really a horror fan but this book is something everyone needs to read writer or not.

Melt Down – Ben Elton
Not a fan of Ben Elton as a comedian, but his books are actually pretty great. The latest one is about the financial crisis and how it affects people on a personal level. I started reading Ben Elton on a recommendation and am now a huge fan.

Why Girls Can’t Throw – Mitchell Symons
This book explains things that you really don’t need to know but it is so interesting and you will find yourself amazing friends with your knowledge of useless stuff. He explains where the KKK came from, whether it is better to pay the fine or take a Chance and what really happens when you swallow chewing gum.

What books have kept you awake? I really would love to know other people’s lists


  1. Thanks for this list! I've only heard of half of these books, so I'll check out the other ones. I recently read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and After Dark, both by Haruki Murakami and they were both fascinating to me. They were totally bizarre and yet they managed to be emotional and beautiful.

  2. I'll have to give them a try thanks for the suggestion :)


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