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April Round up

Wow another month over! Already!

I feel like I didn’t do much this month… hmmm let’s have a little lookie….

My goals were:

  • Get my cousin on a night out!
  • Do some sort of exercise at least one a week
  • Register with a dentist
  • Get the tattoo removed
  • Get my hair cut
  • Prune the bush next to the front door (it’s getting dangerous for visitors now!)
  • Plant some flowers

Things with my cousin have gotten worse for the last three weeks he hasn’t even answered the phone I think I’m going to have to step it up a gear. L

Do some exercising? Weeellllll….. I have started-ish I’m trying to be a bit more active but not really enough so I can’t honestly give myself a point for this (maybe next month) L

Right the dentist well this one is actually moving forward I have an appointment and I will be keeping it I haven’t been yet but I think having an appointment is as good step forward so I am letting myself have this one J

The tattoo! If you read my post about this you will know I have actually made progress here and I will be keeping my next appointment to carry on the process. J

Get my hair cut. Yeah baby! It’s all short and swingy J

The bush… Well I have got rid of loads of the dead leaves and it is kinda pruned. I am not really the gardening type so I am taking this as a win! J

Plant some flowers… Erm… all I can say is big fat fail! I didn’t even attempt this so L

So this month I have:

L = 3
J = 4

Not great but at least I’m still ahead so I am pleased.

On to the big list this month I did manage to:

Organise the hall cupboard
Organise my work clothes
Fix the loose tile in the kitchen

Not bad really, not a huge dent in The List but a few more ticked off.

Happy May everyone


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