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The dreaded tattoo…

When I was young and stupid(er) I decided what I really needed most in the world is a tattoo of a cloud on my upper left arm.

Why a cloud? Erm… dunno
Why in such a terrible place? Erm… dunno
Why a permanent tattoo? Erm… dunno

The best answer I can give is that I was 17 and thought I knew everything. Well now here I am a proper(ish) grown up and I hate the stupid thing, I am aware of it when ever I choose what to wear and I hate seeing it in pictures. I have wanted it removed for years but always been a bit afraid of the pain and the cost.
Here it is: (I don't have any better pics I tend to hide it)

But I will not turn 30 with a tattoo of a stupid cloud on my arm so I’ve finally done something about it! I have actually started to get rid of it. I thought it would be as simple as go down there get it rid of and then go on my happy way but actually it’s a bit more complicated than that. It can take anywhere between 3-10 sessions and I have to wait 4/5 weeks between sessions. Ah!

Never mind I had the first session and it wasn’t actually that bad, it hurt a bit and was very uncomfortable but over all not that bad. It scabbed up pretty quickly (with coloured scabs which looked very strange) and I was warned not to pick or scratch it or I will scar. This has been difficult as it has been really itchy and to make matters worse I have been bitten by a nasty insect right underneath the tattoo so I have 2 things not to scratch on my arm!

But the scabs are healing now and I am actually seeing an improvement, it is hard to tell in the pictures but there is a real improvement, so I am pleased although, now I not only have to walk around with a cloud on my arm, I now have what looks like a half finished tattoo of a cloud! It will all be worth it…

1st session results:


  1. Good for you! I only have one, on my leg. I've toyed with removing it, but I got it for a very significant reason so it stays...

  2. If you feel strongly about a tattoo and have it for a reason I think they can be great but mine is just stupid...


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