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Five for Friday 01/04/16

So mid half term Friday! Where did the first week go??

So I am once again taking part in doodlebugs linky party Five for Friday. Where I let you all know the  5 important things I have been up to this week.

Here are the five things I have been up to this week:

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Easter! I love chocolate and I also love long weekends and I REALLY love half term! So a 4 day weekend, with a half term after it and loads of chocolate!!! Yes that is fantastic thank you very much.

Oh yes right the rest of the blog.... sorry I got distracted by all the yumminess.

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My daughter has started to drive! Yes this is very scary for me. I brought her lessons for her birthday and she has gone out a couple of times in my car just around car parks. Now that she is on the road I see terrible drivers everywhere and it terrifies me! Please drive safely everyone and NEVER text and drive!

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I have finished my Leon and the Place Between unit! I am so pleased with it! Do you ever have that piece of work that just never seems quite right so you go back to it and back to it again and again. Well that was this unit for me. But I am finally happy with it!

Leon and the Place Between

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This week I have also been taking a bit of a step back from my TES store to focus on TPT. While I do love both my stores TES is still finding its feet and along with lots of technical issues, the seller experience is making it a lot harder work than it needs to be. I will still keep my TES store open with a limited range of products but all my products will be available on TPT.

The Ginger Teacher

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And lastly we have a brand new coffee machine and OMG! It is amazing. I am drinking rather a lot more coffee now though, but it tastes sooooo good!

It's a Tassimo and I am a little bit in love with it!

Carte Noire Latte Macchiato Caramel Coffee Pods

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Have a Fabulous weekend everyone :)


  1. Easter candy is the best! There's just something about it. So you keep eating!

    Stacy@Made with Love

  2. 50% off Easter candy is the most dangerous thing ever! I love me some Cadbury eggs!


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