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Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

For the first time ever, today I am participating in the lovely doodlebugs linky party Five for Friday.

Here are the five things I have been up to this week:

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I have new band for my Fitbit.

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I love that I can change the bands into all different styles :) If you haven't heard of Fitbit before I highly recommend it. It is a small band you wear on your wrist and it records the steps you have taken each day, it also tells you how well you have slept. It can be linked up with other apps like MyFitnessPal to help if you are dieting and the one I use most it links to Pact which lets you earn money for walking! (Wow my freckles look blobby in this picture!)

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I've been enjoying half term!

It is half term where I live so of course it is raining, but that cannot put a dampener on my good mood :) I have been trying to relax but I find it so hard to actually stop working!

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I listed my first ever Bundle on TPT!

Six Science Lessons Bundle

I haven't bundled products before so this is a new adventure for me.

It is a bundle of six science lesson with some of my favourite science products I am very proud of it. Please wander over and check it out here.

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I started and finished a great book!

I have been reading After the Crash and I haven't been able to put it down! It really was gripping. My wonderful man brought me some books recently (I think books really are the most romantic present EVER!) I loved Gone Girl which led me to The Girl on the Train and now I've finished After the Crash very enjoyable but I have read all my new books now :( Oh well maybe I can get some more work done now I don't have my nose buried in books all the time. Is it just me that gets a little bit sad when I finish a really good book?

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And saving the very best and most exciting for last.....

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A very lovely friend of mine took me to The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Sanderson hotel in London. It was amazing with cute little cakes and sandwiches all in funny shapes and looking like characters from the story. There was an amazing selection of teas and at the end they brought out little plant pots filled with ice cream. It was so much fun, I cannot recommend it enough!


  1. Welcome to the five for friday linky! It's literally so much fun to take part in everywhere - it's especially great if you like nosing at what everyone else has been up to that week :)

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party sounds great! I keep meaning to change my fitbit band from the boring pink one - your one is fabulous, I must look for one! I know how you feel about half term, it's been pure bliss, right?!

    Teaching Autism

    1. Hi thanks for commenting

      Yes Fitbit bands we fun :)


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