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The reason….

I had to blog about my award today so couldn’t really go into my song choice this morning. A while ago now (over a year actually) I hadn’t been driving very long and I didn’t have a Tom Tom. I used to get lost very easily. I had set routes I knew and if I strayed off these, at any point, I would find myself totally lost.

One night I was driving to my mum's at about 9pm to pick up my daughter. I knew the route and drove there often, they lived in a complicated system of one way roads and when I got to my turning, the road was closed. I drove on to the next road, also closed and then after that there were no left turns. I was completely lost. I drove on and on and on trying to turn around but each road led on to another road and I started to panic.

I ended up in central London and couldn’t find anywhere to stop. My phone battery was nearly dead and I had no money on me. I drove on and on. I eventually came to a police woman who was closing a road. She was very harassed and busy. I asked her for help and she barked directions at me and pointed vaguely behind me, I was now holding up traffic so I carried on….

After I’d been driving around for a few hours I started going a bit mad I followed taxis and buses hoping they would lead me somewhere I recognised or at least somewhere I could get help, I’d killed my phone trying to get some directions. After midnight (yes I’d been driving that long) the roads emptied and I stopped in the road and tried to figure out what to do. I found a bit of change in the ash tray of my car (thank god I don’t smoke!) I jumped out of the car and went to a phone box. I haven’t used one in years but my god they eat money fast. I had just enough time to call the blokie and tell him the name of the road I was currently sitting in the middle of. He got out of bed and drove into London, he found me and I followed his car home.

I can’t tell you the relief of turning into a road I recognised. I am always grateful for being rescued in the middle of the night and even more grateful that Christmas when I was given a Tom Tom.

Anyway all this leads to the explanation for my song choice. When I got out of the car to be hugged by my rescuer he said ‘You went all Fleetwood Mac didn’t you?’ and this song still makes me smile.

‘You can go your own, go your own way…’


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