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Labov, Halliday and Bakhtin! (or stuff I should know for next week)

On my iPod this morning: Live and Let Die – Guns and Roses, coz I’m feeling a bit rocky

I have exams next week!!! AGGGHHHH!!!! I am confident I know the work I am happy enough that I can get through and I know that I  have really strong coursework that will pull me through to a good grade even if I suck quite badly but I’m still nervous.

I have other nerve inducing stuff next week as well but I can’t talk about that.

The one thing I must remember to take to the exam with me (besides pens, passport, exam notice…) I must take tissues, there is nothing worse than sneezing and sniffing without a tissue when you need to concentrate.

So because I have exam revision brain, not blogging brain, I can not produce a very interesting blog post. Instead I would like to give you this funny video:

Star Wars according to a three year old


  1. 'But don't talk back to Darth Vader or he'll get ya!' How adorable is that?!

    Best of luck with the exams x


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