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Moving on... May plans

Ok Plans for May:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Step up the harassing of my cousin
  • Put all the clocks on the house to the right time
  • Organise the garage
  • Add ring tones to my phone
  • Sort out my odd socks
  • Make a start on scanning my photos

The biggy is to do some exercise and now I have a plan too! I think the reason I haven’t got very far with this is because I am being too vague so I’ve decided that I will use Saturday mornings before I do all the things I plan to do just a bit of exercise every Saturday.

As for my cousin, the daily calls are obviously not working I need a new plan of attack

The socks oh the socks! I am terrible with socks I never pair them, I wash them then put them in a big bag I have just for this purpose. But it is a big bag full to bursting and I really have to sort it out.

My aim this month is only to start doing my photos because I know I wont do it all in one go, but if I can just make a start I will be happy.

I’ve decided to skip the flowers for now I will come back to them at some point

Wish me luck peeps


  1. They seem reasonable plans, Charlee (but the socks... oh the socks. Why can't them pair themselves???) :)
    And, forgive my indiscretion, what's the deal with your cousin (if I'm too forward tell me to go scratch a monkey)?
    Have a nice week ;)

    - EEV

  2. You can start by throwing away all the socks with holes in!

  3. @EEV - I am woried about how withdrawn he is, see here:

    I knwo he is a grown up and can run his own life but I am only asking for a little bit of his time and I think everyone needs friends, you can't just forget about them and be secluded.

  4. @Bish - they are not holes it is a very clever system to stop people stealing them...


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