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I list, therefore I am

Lists! Lists! Lists!

Hello everyone I’m Charlee and I’m a List-a-holic

It started out small I would make shopping lists and homework lists and then it grew. Soon I was making to-do lists and birthday lists and phone number lists and then one day I realised I was addicted to making lists.

I decided I had to stop; I thought lists were ‘A Bad Thing’, I figured if I made lists about things I was too controlling and not at all spontaneous.

So I went cold turkey, I stopped making lists altogether. It wasn’t that hard I just stopped. But then little things happened, I forgot meetings I had organised, I was unprepared for things and I lost stuff… Stopping the lists didn’t make me more spontaneous it just made me more messy and disorganised.

So I decided to embrace my list making and now that I’ve stopped worrying about it, it’s kind of nice. I have lists for present ideas (great when Christmas and birthdays come around) I have lists of things I have to do each day/week/month I have a list for this blog and then also a list of topics that I plan to write about, one day. I have lists of nice quotes and pretty things I have seen. I have gone full on list crazy and the thing is now that I have these lists I don’t worry about them. I give myself permission to ignore them and it’s fine, just knowing they are there is fine.

I used to think I was the only one inflicted by List-mania but turns out I’m not alone there are more of us out there so today I’m saying don’t be ashamed be proud of your lists and enjoy them.

Random blog post by Charlee which wasn’t on my blog post list but what the hell…


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