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Go ahead complain…

I am a big believer in complaining. I like to moan. I think it makes everyone feel better, when things go wrong; moan to a friend, complain to your family and whine to your online connections.


I can moan just as much as the next person and I have no problem with people complaining to me. There is just one rule, which I try very hard to hold myself to, and which I really think other people should abide by….


You are only allowed to moan if you are willing to do something to make it better.


Now I’m not saying everyone can solve all the problems in their lives themselves, but you must be willing to stop making excuses and try.


It is because of this stupid rule I give myself that I ended up, this afternoon, looking like this:


I was getting fat. I was overweight and didn’t like it. I started to complain about it and then my rule kicked in.


Damn! I’ve done enough complaining now I am going to have to try and fix it.  So now, I run and I have for a year and it works I lost weight.


This is me after running in the rain, not for fun, not because I love to run but just because, if I’m going to complain I better get off my bum and do something about it!


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