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So how did I do in June?

I’m scared to look! I didn’t get much done on my list this month because I had exams and lots of other things going on, but then I knew this was going ot happen so I’m not that disappointed in myself…

Ok let’s have a look:

  • Sort out my personal draws at work – no afraid not, not even close I have in fact stuffed more junk in there

  • Sort out the child’s junk – again nope

  • Go and see my neighbour – well I texted her does that count? NO

  • Replace all my light bulbs (even the lamps) – I replaced the ones in the kitchen but apart from that no

  • Get the back gate fixed – YEAH!!!! I did this I actually got the guy around and got the gate fixed!

  • Go roller disco-ing – yeah right!

  • Get my shoes heeled – erm…. No

Ok not a great score

J = 1
L = 6

My worst score ever but I will make up for it this month!


  1. I know where you're coming from, so don't feel too bad. At least you got one thing done - better than nothing at all (which is what usually happens to me, lol).

  2. Your problem is an overly ambitious list. If you pare it down a bit next month, I'm sure you'll have no trouble completing it in full. Take my list for example. Just one item: wake up. And you know what? Every day this month, I did.

  3. Well done! Some days my goal is to not get up at all!

    I don't worry too much about it at times like this I just have to remind myself I'm a single parent, working full time and studying for a degree, if I don't get much done during exam month it isn't exactly a failure!


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