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Parking Wars

Today on the iPod: No music today my Spanish coursework mp4s instead as I have more exams on the way…

I know one of the things on my list is to learn to drive a manual car again before I’m 30. I don’t necessarily need to get one just want to remind myself that I can do it. I have been walking a lot more lately, (trying to be fit). But recently when ever I drive I seem to come across ridiculous people that makes me wonder how they are still alive.

I won’t get started on all the crazy driving I have seen but I would like to moan a little about parking nutters!

The first lot of parking nutters are those that think they can reserve a parking space with some cones they have stolen from some road works somewhere. My brother lives right next to the railway station, which is very handy I get there and park my car in front of his house. A while ago someone decided they didn’t like this and started to put out cones to stop me parking there. Stupid people actually thought I couldn’t park there if they put their (stolen) cones in my way. So I just got out of the car moved them onto the pavement and parked there anyway. This obviously annoyed the cone warriors because the next time they put the cones out but strung a piece of string around the cones to mark the space. This was starting to really bug me I am usually in a rush in the mornings and I don’t have time to keep moving your stupid cones. So I called the council and told them where some of their missing cones could be found and the next day the cones were gone (I’m a good citizen lol) So now that Mr (or Mrs) parking Nazi doesn’t have cones to use they have taken to leaving notes on my windscreen ‘Do not park here, signed the residents’ really? The residents? Well the resident whose house I am in front of doesn’t seem to have a problem he was the one who originally suggested it! So I’ve made my own note for my dash board it says ‘YOU DO NOT OWN THE ROAD! IF YOU WISH TO DISCUSS LEAVE YOUR HOUSE NUMBER AND I WILL KNOCK’  surprisingly the notes have stopped…..

Ok the other type of crazy I had a run in with recently was when I went to visit my friend who lives in a converted fire station. At the front of the fire station is a court yard with parking spaces numbered to correspond with the flats where people live. My friend live in flat 1 so her spot is between the wall and number 2, she doesn’t drive so her spot is usually empty. The other day I got there and parked spent some time with my friend, but when I came to leave found some mentalist had parked directly behind me blocking me in. Not only blocking me in but also blocking the road because his car was half out onto the road. We had to ring all the neighbours to find out who the car belonged to and when we finally got him, he was rude and angry that we wanted him to move his car. The conversation went:

Mr ‘shouldn’t be allowed on the road’: but I always park there
Me: But, this is not your parking space
Mr: yes it is, I always park here
Me: do you see those big numbers painted on the wall?
Mr: yes
Me: see the one above my car that says flat 1
Mr: yes
Me: what flat do you live in:
Mr: 17
Me: Well do you think it’s your parking space?
Mr: yes I always park there
Me: even if you do, why do you think it’s acceptable to block me in? Just move your car I want to go home
Mr: don’t talk to me like that
This was when I got fed up and got into my car and started the engine, when my reverse lights came on he changed his mind, but with a lot of hissing under his breath and as I pulled away I saw him pull back into the space that has the big 1 above it. You would think being able to count would be a prerequisite for a driving licence…


  1. The human race seems endlessly inventive in our ability to annoy one another.


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