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On the iPod today: Pray for you by Jaron and the long road to love. I love this song it’s so funny and perfect for singing to people. I even have it as my ring tone now.

(please forgive my over use of exclamation marks today I think I got a bit carried away with this post)

I want to go to Paris for my birthday I have decided I want a trip to Paris, maybe not on my actual birthday but when my very lovely parents ask what I want I’m thinking euro star tickets.

(It's true, it does)

I love Paris I really don’t understand these people that moan about it, yes it’s busy and full of tourists, but it is so amazingly beautiful too. I went for a week last year and I didn’t want to come home, I miss it so much. I love the street entertainers and the beautiful buildings. Every where you go in Paris there is something new and interesting to see.

(Paris beach!)

Seeing Eiffel tower at any time of the day is pretty impressive but the way it looks at night is indescribable. I love the parks and the river Seine, walking along the river is enough to make anyone happy!


(Two of my favorite things)

I love the crazy French drivers and the way there is a monument to everything possible on every street corner. I even love the way the French strike at every given opportunity. At least they are standing up for themselves!

I love the grumpy old ladies on the metro that poke the young kids until they give up their seats and the metro itself, I even miss the metro!

And you can’t go to Paris without mentioning the food, the lovely food. Even a quick snack is important in Paris. The bread (oh my god the bread) and of course the wine! And the French love of hot chocolate, not to mention the coffee, it is an art form! I think I should have been born in Paris it obviously agrees with me… (Although maybe not my waist line)

I could go on but I would be here all day, so there you go if anybody fancies giving me a present this year, Euro Star vouchers start at just £5….

(Me! looking so much like a tourist!)


  1. Would you believe my Euro Star voucher's in the mail?

  2. Of course it is! So is my thank you card...


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