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The things I need to be happy

Sorry it’s time for another list, I am a listaholic I think I’ve mentioned this before…

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated, not a lot, just sometimes. Overall I am a happy person most of the time things don’t worry me and if they do worry me I figure out how to change them.

So I thought I would share with you my happy list. These are the things I need to make me happy everyday and most of the time I have a full list (or at least I’m taking steps to correct any problems.)

  1. Home- Comfortable house. When the house is too messy makes me crazy but I can live with a little mess

  1. Relationships - My family and friends are fine and I am seeing them enough

  1. Health - I am generally healthy, I’m very lucky in this aspect, I have a few problems with my health but nothing that really affects my life.

  1. Love – loving someone and being loved back makes everything better J

  1. Work – We spend so much time at work that if it doesn’t make you happy then you really should take steps to change it

  1. Education – I realise this might not be on everyone’s list but I like to always be learning something.

  1. Goals – everyone needs a goal, it is better to be an attainable goal as otherwise that could lead to frustration. But having reachable goals makes me happy.

Happy Thursday xx


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  2. That's a great list, Charlee - something to strive for every day, for sure. Thank you for helping get my day off to a great start!


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