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February Round up

Ok so how did I do in February?

I have been writing 2000 words a day (mostly) and finished the first draft of the WIP I was working on. yay :)

I have been adding to this blog a bit not a much as I would like but still I'm getting there. I also have 4 followers!!! 4!!! I am over whelmed! :)

I have done absolutly nothing about learning to drive manual again so that definatly is a big fail :(

I cooked the blokie a nice meal and it went down very well :)

I haven't made hardly any progress on the edits I should be doing but I will correct that this month I really will! :(

I haven't cleaned the kitchen bin if anything i've made it worse big big fail :(

I haven't done any exercise at all! oh dear aother one :(

I have increased my collection of articles, proud of this :)

I haven't even started on the photos, oh well can't do everything... :(

I have added to my list a littel yay :)

so final score for February:
:) = 5
:( = 5

A tie! Will do better this month besides February is to short to make any real progress, isn't it?


  1. Wow, you have accomplished a lot in February 2011. It is nice that you could write 2000 words a day. I wish that I can do it from now.You failed to achieve some goals but do not despair for them. Instead, try to celebrate the successes.
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  2. Thanks I don't manage it every day but I am getting most days now :)


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