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Christmas is coming!

Well here we are! December has arrived! I am starting to really feel the Christmas spirit now. It might be cold and it might be dark, we might all be tired and the end of term is still over 2 weeks away... but at least there are lots of parties to look forward to!

So, perhaps against my better judgement, I have handed over the Christmas tree decorating this year; and this is what we ended up with.

It's fine... It has grown on me!

With all this Christmas spirit comes some new fab Christmas resources and some re-vamped old ones. Also just today and tomorrow my Store is on sale so grab yourself a December bargain!

Firstly the new products:

I know that this time of year it can some times be a struggle just to get through the day, but these sheets will help you to embrace the fun of the season while still getting some work out the excited kiddos!

I have also revamped my other Christmas products included my complete Silent Night Christmas Lesson, which teaches the children to use sign language to sign the classic Christmas Carol.

If you would like to explore these and my other Christmas click here!

I hope the start of December has been great for you all as well. it too early to start saying Merry Christmas?


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