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Day Seven of the Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge

So here we are a whole week into our challenge! Are you feeling motivated?

Today we are going to improve our custom categories in our stores. If you aren't sure how to create custom categories there is a great blog post on Just a Thought or Two which explains really well how to get started.

If you already have a handle on your categories todays challenge is to improve them, make sure they are specific to help your buyers find the things they are looking for, make sure everything is in the correct categories and if there is one or two that you really want your buyers to notice first thing consider adding a small star to the category name (*). As categories are listed in alphabetical order adding the asterisk will bump these categories up to the top of the list.

So today get on with those custom categories and make them fabulous!

Don't forget to link up your store or blog posts below.


  1. Another great challenge! Thanks again! See you tomorrow :)

    1. Hi, I am so pleased you are enjoying it. I am finding it a real motivator, I'm making myself do things and seeing results :)


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