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Day 25 of the Big Ginger Seller Challenge - Pay it forward

It's getting close to the end now, its good to see lots of us are still plugging away!

So today is day 25, and today we are going to pay it forward. This is the day to really do something nice for someone else. Today we pay it forward.

The community on TPT is fantastic and so helpful. Today I am challenging you to be part of that. Do something nice for another seller. What you decide to do is up to you but here are some ideas to get you going:

Join in a tips thread on the forum and leave your best tips

Message another seller to tell them how lovely their store is

Give a teacher a free lesson plan, just because its a nice thing to do

Send someone a lovely email to remind them it is a nice world

Recommend another seller's account on one of your social media platforms

Do something else that pays it forward.

It is always good to remember that helping others, helps ourselves.

Keep at it lovely challengers see you tomorrow :)


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