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Day 16 of the Big, Ginger, Seller Challenge - Using Periscope

Day 16! Wow, we are really rolling now!

Ok today I am going to be nice to you and give you two choices for the challenge, of course you are welcome to do both.

Today you are going to be super brave and introduce yourself and your store on Periscope.

If you don't use Periscope hop over and join right now it is a video sharing site where people record themselves and can get real time likes and comments.

If you do decide to make a periscope video please remember to let me know in the comments so I can come and support you!

Now the second option, because some people are shy, or for other reasons don't want to make a video.  If this is the case then I am challenging you to still pop over to Periscope and find some great TPT-ers to follow and watch some great advice videos. Don't forget to look me up :)

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