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The stupid boat engines!!!!

Ok I have to tell you the story of moving the boat engines.

Before I moved to my current (small) house I lived in a bigger house which was actually quite a lot bigger. Being bigger the house had a lot of space, for junk obviously, and not just my junk, my whole family thought that as I has the space it was their job to fill it!

My cousins left bits of furniture they would 'one day need', my brother thought I was the ideal place for his motorbikes and random tools and my dad just left EVERYTHING that wouldn't fit at his or my mum refused to let him keep.

I should mention here that my dad likes boats, he also likes eBay and buying random things.

So sorry rambling, right, now in my small house with only my junk I was pleased with myself down sizing and all that jazz (we won't go into how much I squeezed into my new loft) when my dad started buying boat engines. It started with one which he put in my back garden then another and then another and before I knew it there were engines all over my garden! He would cone over and visit me fill large bins with water and 'test' them! the engines started to be followed by oars and strange bits of cars and bikes!

Now I should add here that the garden is mess I am planning on sorting it soon but it is such a huge garden and I hate to do it lol

Right when the weather turned warm I told my brother and my dad that in two weeks time I was going to really sort the garden and if the engines weren't moved I would be disposing of them! They nodded and made a few noises then carried on regardless!

Well the two weeks were up and I had, had enough. Nothing had moved! The problem was I am very very weak, I mean seriously I have no upper body strength at all and boat engines weigh A LOT I needed to get all these bloody things down to the garden gate at the bottom of the garden which is around 60 feet!

So nice bright Saturday morning I put my messy clothes on and tried to lift the first engine at it would not budge! I called my brother and told him to come lift it and he promised to come 'some time in the week!' grrrrr

Ok right action is needed and girl power and all that. Now I should mention my very long garden is on a downward slope.

So having figured out I can't lift the bloody things I decided to roll them I gave the first one the biggest shove and off it went!

So using gravity and often sitting on the floor and kicking it I spent the whole day evicting the boat engines from my garden, the whole time muttering under my breath 'you think just coz you don't move them I won't skip them?' then laughing like a loon to myself! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I was tired, dirty and aching by the end but I did it! I did feel a little bad about it but to be honest I don't think they noticed and my garden while still needing work is at least starting to get there!

Now my dad has started buying tents, I'm a little worried as there is only so many my mum will let him put up in the bedroom...


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