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Another Monday

Good Morning

If you are on half term this week i hope you started the day with a long lay in!

Today I am trying hard to work, I am really trying except it is hard to get into the zone this morning.

I thought it might help to give myself some advice on how to get back into the work frame of mind!

So here are my tips, they often help me I hope they help you guys too.

1 - Get some motivation

Everyone finds their motivation in different ways, for me I like to watch great people doing their 'thang' on Instagram stories. My favourite at the moment has to be Kayse Morris who is fabulous!

What ever makes you feel like you can go do it. Although this does come with a warning - A little motivation is great, if it is still an hour later and you are watching Nifty videos on how to turn your old books into bedside tables, you have gone too far!

2 - Go for a walk

Fresh air and change of scenery is great for focus. I need to follow this advice much more often. It can feel like stepping away from the computer is the last thing that will help get work done, but a break, just for a walk around the block, can do wonders.

3 - Eat

This tip is a tricky one as I know how easy it is to just munch, not only is it tasty but it gives you a legitimate reason to not get on with things. That said if I am hungry I cannot focus so make sure you have a full tummy!

4 - Drink

This goes along with the eating. Make sure you have a glass or bottle of water nearby when working. Just having it near you will remind you to keep hydrated! Our brains need hydrating to work!

5 - Know when to shift focus

If it really isn't working then it is time to shift gears. There are times when really nothing gets you into the right frame of mind and taking a break from it is the best thing. Go and do something more productive, clean out those cupboards do the ironing what ever takes you away from work but lets your mind wander.

I hope these tips help you, now to take my own advice!


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