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Five for Friday 27/01/17

Here is my very first 5 for Friday of 2017! Thanks to doodlebugs and her weekly linky party. Where I let you all know the  5 important things I have been up to this week.


Here are the five things I have been up to this week:

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Preparing and getting excited for the London Teacher-Author meet up tomorrow! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and having some fun! It should be great!

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There are still another 2 weeks to go until half term and I am feeling the teacher blues this week. Some times it feels like leadership team, parents, even the kids and the weather are against you. I need to remind myself on occasion to step back. Other people's opinions and judgements of me are theirs and none of my business. I choose to be happy!

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I'm all about products this month I decided so marketing has taken a bit of a backseat. I am really focussing on building my resources bank up and next month is going to be all about the promotion. With this in mind I have created my ultimate promotion list 101 things to do to market your products right now! I love it already!

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I have been trying, not very successfully to organise my working hours. I spend much too much of my life working and while I love what I do, I do need a shut off point! I have decided to limit myself to not working past 7pm, not working on Sundays and really making an effort to turn off from work... Easier said than done!

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And finally this week I have been really missing my baby. My little girl is off at university and I miss her so much! It is strange when she is home she spends most of time in her room but now she isn't here the house feels empty! At least she comes home to visit. I love her so much and I am so proud of the little grown up she is becoming!

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Have a Fabulous weekend everyone :)


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