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Why teaching is a lot like running!

Firstly a bit of background. I guess I am now considered a 'runner' I run every other day for 30 minutes except on Sundays when I let myself have the day off even if I didn't run on Saturday!

I never used to run at all I was slightly overweight, I have asthma and I DO NOT enjoy exercise. At all really.... Hmmmm I started running because I was told I would get healthier, which I did. I was also told I would start to love it, which I don't!

Today as I ran cursing myself for not running yesterday, so I could just stay on the sofa today, the thought occurred to me that, for me at least, running is a lot like teaching! Here's why:

  1. You are always tired
    • I have never met a teacher who wasn't exhausted during term time! Don't worry you aren't alone!

  2. You know that you are doing good, but usually only once you stop
    • When teaching (and running) we are always so focused on what we are doing and how we are doing it and working on just getting it done that sometimes it isn't until class is over or the run is finished that we can look back and say, actually that was good!

  3. When it seems like you are suddenly getting really good at it, it's usually because you are going down hill and it wont last
    • When I'm speeding up, the run is less tiring and I am feeling like I am actually getting quite good at this, BAM! Changes! New initiatives! Keep up teacher!

  4. The more you do the easier it gets...
    • Something to get easier with practice: running, behaviour management, parent's meetings

  5. ...but then it gets a bit harder again!
    • but then just like that a new challenge is there making you feel like a beginner all over again!

  6. You are in it for the outcome
    • Although I do complain about running when people ask me why I do it. It is because it makes a difference...

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  1. Wise words. I run and teach middle school. (25 years teaching and running)
    I really liked # 5. I organize a field trip every year of 400+ students. It never gets any easier, but more fun when all the kids have a great day.

    1. Wow that's a huge field trip! It never gets easier but it is worth it. :)


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